Managing the Stress response –  press the reset button…………

The stress state

Experiencing constant stress is very likely to lead to Mental health issues such as burn out, depression, anxiety and addictive behaviours. But when we feel our stress levels building, what can we do to really help ourselves and our staff? Those deadlines can’t be moved again, those sales targets are none negotiable and the emails just keep coming….

Why does this happen?

Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves how our bodies are hardwired.  They are designed to give us that stress response we all know well – the rush of adrenaline, the shutdown, the flight or fight.  In historic times you had to deal with the Lion – kill it or run to your cave!  But in the modern world the Lion is never slayed; it keeps coming day after day, email after email, constant juggling and managing busy schedules.

Like all hardwiring (from your mobile phone to your Sat Nav) things occasionally go wrong.  We are unfortunately no different and if the adrenaline response is constantly triggered then adrenalin and cortisol (stress hormone) can remain present in the body day after day. Over a long period of time this can result in chronic stress. These constant demands and state of stress starts to take a toll on our bodies and our minds.

What are the responses?

  • High levels of stress hormones impair the immune system – which means we under-perform or take time off sick
  • Our sleep is likely to suffer
  • We are likely to carry tension and pain in our backs, shoulders and as headaches.
  • A stressful day often leads to poor health choices such as skipping that evening run to work late, relying on the chocolate biscuits and coffee to switch on and the red wine

How do we fix this?

Our bodies are incredibly resourceful at survival so give them a little and they will take a mile. Whilst there are many ways to tackle stress, once you enter a tricky spiral it can be difficult to stop and regain control.  Healthy eating, exercise and meditation don’t always feel like a quick fix, sometimes we just need someone to give us a moment, to press the reset button (think about your PC and the printer never prints without a quick on/off reset)!

So how do you achieve the human equivalent of the reset button?   A low cost and easy to implement solution is to have a massage.

The benefits can be amazing.  Massage prompts the release of endorphins – the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that produce feelings of wellbeing. Levels of stress hormones, such as adrenalin, cortisol and norepinephrine, are reduced. So those feelings of deep relaxation and calm are no coincidence. Give your body a break and clear some of the stress hormone away.

What can you do Organisationally?

Even better, look after your staff and reward them with a mind and body reset in the form of an On-site Chair Massage. The results will speak for themselves………

Use our Infographic-Link below about Chair Massage for more information

Reset Your Mind and Body With a Chair Massage


Reflexology in the Workplace

Reflexology is becoming more and more popular in the workplace as Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the effect of stress on their employees. A high percentage of illness can be traced back to stress and from a work perspective the effects of this can include:

-Substantially reduced efficiency and accuracy of work produced

-Reduced performance in physical tasks

-Negative effect on planning, decision making and creativity

-Tiredness & irritability

-Weakening of the immune system and the development of physical illness

Some countries, notably Denmark, have been addressing these problems for many years, incorporating various holistic therapies including Reflexology into their staff wellbeing programmes.

I believe it’s time we took a leaf out of their book!

One of the clinics we run is in a large organisation in Leeds. This comes at no cost to the Employer, they simply allow their staff the time and a suitable room in which to receive the treatment and the staff pay for their own sessions. The feedback we have had is extremely positive both from the employee’s personal point of view with relief from medical conditions and general stress levels being improved but also from the point of view of appreciating the fact that their employer values them enough to offer this service.

Regular Reflexology treatments not only help to reduce stress and tension, but they may also speed up the recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

Image Reflexology

Benefits of offering this service to your employees may include:


– Increased morale, satisfaction and loyalty

– Enhanced concentration, efficiency and accuracy

– Improved creativity, planning and decision making

– Better relationships amongst staff and between staff and management

– The ability of staff to cope more effectively under pressure

– Speedy recovery and return to work following illness, accident or surgery

– Pain relief for stress-related conditions such as headaches/migraines

– Enhanced staff resilience and resistance to infection and disease