Mindfulness, Resilience and Stress

Workplace Wellbeing

Mindfulness practice and Resilience techniques have a beneficial effect on health, productivity and team cohesion.

Hälsa Wellbeing here and now

Mindfulness is very much about learning ways to slow down, pay attention to the present moment and finding the time and space to attend to what is here now rather than the past or the future.

Leaders and teams

Resilient leaders and teams are positive, focused, healthy and integrate well the demands of work and life. By investing in Resilience training, you will enable your staff to perform well at work without compromising their health.

Wellbeing traning sessions

We run a variety of Mindfulness and Resilience training sessions and we will work with you to ensure that what we deliver for you is bespoke.

Wellbeing tools

Your teams will learn tools that will help them as an individual, as leaders/team members and as people in general coping with the stresses of working life.

Hälsa Wellbeing Mindfulness