Hälsa Wellbeing Mission Statement

Our AimMember of FHT

HÄLSA WELLBEING’s key aim is to support people’s wellbeing in organisations and care settings. Our Organisations aims to provide services which help to balance out some of the pressure, stress and tension we are seeing in increasing levels in our society today.

Our VisionProfessional Standards CIPD

Our vision is to make wellbeing services accessible to more clients and to enrich people’s lives by supporting their wellbeing.   We want to offer all our clients a “moment in time” to escape everyday stresses and pressures.  We pride ourselves on offering the full wellbeing package – from advice and planning to implementation, working in close partnership with our clients.

Work Quality

We take pride in recruiting highly skilled therapists and wellbeing experts who work in a calm and professional manner. Our selection process is very thorough and we take pride in the quality of our work. We continually invest in training and development to ensure that we keep our high standards.